Signature Cocktails

Lolita Caliente 
This little hottie comes with tequila and triple sec and our flavorful sour mix will have your lips puckering with delight.  

Blue Mamba
This savory bourbon drink packs the bite alright. Fresh basil leaves and a few tasty bitters leave you hissing for more.

Bloody Rx
The Doc is in and has the PERFECT combination of vodka, Worcestershire and tomato juice to revive any heartbeat.

Where there is smoke...there’s fire! This mezcal cocktail packs fresh orange juice and our signature sweet and sour mix! 

Snowy Star

Smooth coconut rum, cinnamon liquor, and coconut syrup make this cocktail a shooting star! Creamy, dreamy, and delicious!

Escape to the Island
We bring the beach to you with this rum, coconut cream, and fresh pineapple refreshment! Close your eyes and enjoy a little vacation on us!

Pretty Lady
The party starts with this vodka, prosecco, pineapple, and fresh strawberries treat! The perfect combination to make it fancy and sophisticated!

The Amethyst
This beautiful and visual relaxing cocktail comes with organic lavender syrup, organic gin, and lime. It is ready to captivate you


Key Lime Pie Martini

Don’t wait for your dessert. Enjoy this well-balanced drink made of vanilla vodka, key lime, coconut cream, and pineapple juice. 


Get ready to fall in love with her. Forget about other loves with the perfect amount of tequila and refreshing watermelon-mint flavor,


Lemon Drop Martini
Your classic lemon drop martini with a non-classic Organic Vodka.


Mex-Italian Martini
We pair traditional Tequila and Aperol in this non-traditional cocktail. Cheers, Salud & Saluti!!!


Dirty Martini
Our dirty martini has a wonderful saltiness that is fascinating against the gin 
and vermouth background. Classic and fantastic!!


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